My Vision for Our Vancouver

I am running to become a Vision Vancouver City Councillor

To get there, I need your support in the election.  Working together we can make Vancouver the best and most livable place to work, play, study, and grow.   Click here to support me.

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Here are three key ways I believe we can make Vancouver the most livable city:

  • Focus growth along transit routes – Cities worldwide continue to grow, Vancouver included. Newcomers from inside Canada and around the world bring energy, skills, and entrepreneurial talent.  Concentrating growth on and near transit routes supports local shops, maintains transit viability, and helps reduce traffic congestion. Urban density prevents suburban sprawl.
  • Support the services that strengthen neighbourhoods – Distinct, vibrant neighbourhoods are a defining feature of Vancouver. Families, youth and seniors are closely connected to their neighbourhoods through important community hubs like recreation centres, parks, schools, and libraries.  Growing communities that enjoy a broad range of services within walking, biking and easy transit distance helps everyone thrive.
  • Maintain places for people to work –  When land values rise, residential re-development gives the biggest return to developers.  Like agricultural lands elsewhere, our industrial and commercial lands are under immense pressure. Protecting places for people to work must be an important economic priority of our city government.

The pace of change has worried some people, and some are feeling squeezed-out.  Rising housing costs, lack of child care, congested transit, and public health issues – including homelessness and the overdose crisis – are ongoing concerns for all of us.

Over the past 10 years Vision Vancouver has supported dynamic new economic opportunities for our residents, achieved Greenest City goals, and fostered a vibrant culture of innovation.  We are a leader in sustainability and design the world over.

With federal and provincial partners now onside we can make serious strides in affordable housing – particularly rental, co-op and social housing. Very soon, we’ll also have more child care spaces. Our infrastructure investments in walking, biking, and public transit are demonstrating their value in reducing congestion, and making our streets and sidewalks safer.

There is so much more we can do to make our city better and more livable.  We need to plan for growth that is both managed and smart.  We need to strengthen and support the services people need and enjoy in our communities. We need to ensure we keep space for jobs by protecting industrial and commercial lands.  Together, I know we can do these things and more.

I invite you to join me in making our city the most liveable urban home we can, with strong and resilient neighbourhoods, vibrant public spaces and continued economic prosperity for residents and families.

Click here to vote for me.