Under Mayor Gregor Robertson’s leadership, Vision Vancouver has gone a long way to Ending Street Homelessness and making Vancouver the world’s Greenest City.

These are big and important goals I fully share. I’ve worked hard with many in the community to help achieve them by creating awareness of both the causes of and solutions to homelessness through Homelessness Action Week activities, and by engaging local efforts to take action on food security through such things as establishing a community garden.

Looking ahead I see three more goals within our reach – to make Vancouver most the engaged, inviting and vibrant city in the world.

  • Engaged communities are caring communities

Engagement is critical to feeling safe and at home in a community. Through participation in shared planning, we learn more about each other and what we need to live together in our growing city. This knowledge helps us reach out in new ways to create programs and activities that respond to the unique needs of each neighbourhood.

  • Inviting public spaces make the city more livable

Welcoming parks, playgrounds and playing fields, community and public gardens, public art installations, and accessible trails and walkways enrich our experience of life in the city. These public spaces are more than amenities, they are essential to the well-being of all residents.

  • Vibrant neighbourhood centres are the heart of city life

Walkable neighbourhoods with well-equipped community centres, together with seniors’ centres and libraries, contribute to neighbourhoods that are both lively and supportive of local businesses. Careful planning with communities to design facilities and services for people of all ages, keeps our neighbourhoods and thus our city, a place where people both want and choose to live.