There are few people with the breadth and depth of community involvement demonstrated by Catherine Evans.  From coordinating a community garden to developing major public awareness campaigns on a range of issues, Catherine brings an analytic mind, well-developed communications skills, and a commitment to social justice and the public good.  I know she will bring the same to the work of the Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation.  I will be voting for Catherine and I encourage you to vote for her too.

Tim Stevenson, Vancouver City Councillor, 2002


I am pleased to support Catherine Evans’ nomination for Park Board.  Catherine is a long-time member of Vision and has served the residents of Vancouver well on the Library Board and in other capacities. She has a clear understanding of budgetary and financial matters and has the experience needed to deal with difficult and sometimes controversial issues.  She is passionate about serving in the public domain and I am sure she will be a great asset to the Park Board as a commissioner.

Tony Tang, Vancouver City Councillor, 2011 –


I am pleased to support Catherine Evans for Park Board.  As Chair of the Vancouver Public Library, Catherine has shown great leadership skills, an understanding of city finances and capital planning, and an openness to new ideas.  She is a supporter of building more neighbourhood centres that house recreation facilities, libraries, and other city services under one roof.  And she was an early endorser of my plan for pop-up book kiosks in our public parks.

Catherine has a depth of experience to bring to the Park Board and will serve Vancouver residents well.  She has my vote. I hope she has yours as well.

Sarah Blyth, Park Board Commissioner, 2008 – 2014

I have known Catherine Evans for a number of years, first through Vision Vancouver and later through her work as Board Trustee with the Vancouver Public Library. I believe Catherine will make an excellent Park Board Commissioner because of her community experience, as well as her willingness and ability to work with people from a variety of backgrounds and perspectives. Her skill sets will help us build a more engaged city.

George Chow, Vancouver City Councillor, 2005 – 2011


From 2010 to 2011 while serving on the Library Board with Catherine, I quickly learned to appreciate the skills that Catherine can bring to the Park Board. Catherine is a seasoned veteran of public policy and due process. With all the challenging and changing issues that come to the Park Board, Catherine’s analytical skills, fair mindedness and ability to articulate a rationale in making decisions would be a valuable asset at the table.

Loretta Woodcock, Park Board Commissioner, 2002 – 2011


Catherine Evans is the exactly the kind of person who should be in politics. She has prepared herself well for this role.  With a career in law and public policy, both in private practice and working for government, she understands how to implement social change and get people working together.  As an advocate on behalf of public education and for achieving real and practical solutions for homelessness, her commitment to the most fundamental of rights and obligations in a democratic society is impeccable.  On top of her professional commitments and those to her family, her work in the community as a volunteer is nothing short of remarkable.

Where does she get all of this energy?  Well, she is one of those remarkable people I have had the privilege to meet who is devoted and committed to everything she does—family, profession and community.  She would make a great contribution to the Vancouver Park Board.

Eleanor Gregory, School Board Trustee, 2005 – 2008


Over the past three years as Chair of the Vancouver Public Library Board, Catherine provided strong and steady leadership, especially in her focus on good governance practices. Her commitment to transparency and inclusive processes, her knowledge of municipal services, and her years of experience with a broad range of community organizations will be valuable assets on the Park Board.

Mary Lynn Baum